Painting the Town… Update (2/9/17)

By the time this post has been published it will most likely be 3/9/17 – Still the days events will be from yesterday. I began the day wanting to re-enforcing the base of the model miniature. Before I even removed the masking tape that was holding the posts in place when I first fitted them.

That has proved successful allowing me to move forward to the painting which took about an hour to complete. Before  I even started it was mentioned to me by another artist in the studio on the current position of the work – the main body was sitting on it’s side, it was interesting for them. This stayed with me, I was intrigued to see how I could work this into what I was doing.

With the painting complete I decided to start documentation for the day when that thought had to be satisfied. With only the false walls fixed in place I thought about fixing all the furniture in place, allowing me to have one complete object. Placed on one of my cardboard tables I can now project he test video through either the corner I have cut away or directly into it from above – whilst on it’s side.

This gives me scope to see how two possible tests could go, I’ll project as I had intended (through the corner) and take it from there. Whilst also seeing how I could manipulate from above.

I also made a start on the researching the Japanese model for the sword fight in Yurusarezaru mono (2013). As I suspected it will be pretty angular, I have decided already where to cut into the piece. Whilst also having a ceiling and working on a suspended light which hangs from the ceiling, a lamp that is squashed square box that is hung from the ceiling. I am also thinking about using paper maybe for some parts. It’s early days so far. I’m hoping to make a start next weekend at the earliest with this one.


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