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Painting the Town… Update (8/10/17)

I’m really happy with today’s progress in the studio I can start to look to painting this difficult model miniature, which is going to be a real mix of primer and acrylic. It’s going to be challenging to mix the two and types and creating a nice white look.

Staying with today’s progress, the main focus was the suspended ceiling light which started by constructing the main form. Stopping there I still had no idea how to suspend this object, how would this be achieved. Running a search for Japanese ceiling lights, I could find a few ideas of how to suggest the suspension before I considered adding a beam then to hold the light. I then added the string that I hope looks reflects how they are really suspended. This is after all set in the 19th century. The beam it’s fixed to wont be fitted to the model until later on allowing me to paint more effectively.

I then moved onto something that was bugging me, where the extension was added, I wanted to smooth over the rough cutting I made earlier. With the sliding doors in the main space that need to be suggested, I cut strips of balsa wood ready to be claded onto. I’ll be adding more detail once it’s fixed in place so the seams are not so obvious to the eye – or to my eye. At about the same time I made a very quickly.

Moving on I was looking over the screen-shots again, a very important thing I have learned to do when making from a set. I’ve found that details can be easily missed or overlooked, some can be ignored as it can lead to something more than a gesture. I found that the wooden blinds which I had noticed and found myself considering more and more. The screenshots told me that I had to make the decision to add the blinds which meant the stairs were drastically altered to allow the piece to be added. For now it will be added later as the blinds are directly under a beam, so a strip of cardboard has been temporarily added before it’s fixed in later like the ceiling light.

With the big changes and later additions I am very pleased with how much I have completed today. Next time I will be adding details to the sliding doors then I think I can move onto the painting.