Painting the Town… Update (22/10/17)

Picking up from my last post on this work, I have been busy adding coats of paint which didn’t warrant me posting. Now I’ve made enough progress to carry on. The painting is practically all done, leaving me to add the final pieces which were logistically going to make the process harder. Leaving them until the end.

The last pieces to be added were beams which I added once the furniture was slowly fixed in place. Starting with the extension, adding the beams which really do bring the piece together. I just hope that the posts hold, I have found from working on the last piece, the posts need a stable base that doesn’t move. I’m prepared to replace if needed next time.

I found that the wall of shelving was very problematic to fix in place, due to the location of the piece under a balcony that prevents a glue gun from getting close. Also applying enough glue (before it dries) was going to be hard to work with. So I have decided to fix what I have with the gun, before using P.V.A. and praying it holds now.

Lastly I turned to the false wall, removing the cardboard strip which was used temporarily before it was fixed, with a beam overhead. I was going to use my longest piece of balsa, which I found wasn’t long enough for me. Instead using other pieces, which I had to sandwich together to thicken it up and reach the distance between both walls. So there’s been some compromise in order to achieve what I’m hoping for. Once everything is fixed I can apply primer – two coats before I can introduce the test video and the final presentation for it.


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