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Painting the Town…Update (10/12/17)

Spending the day at home thanks to the snowy weather I had an idea which I had to sketch out. Thinking about the presentation of the models, the possibility of including the exterior – the fronts which I have so far removed, focusing the interior for the first time. Now the fronts would purely be a presentation detail – showing a link from my old work to how it’s evolving. Then I think would that be too much, I really like to the see the strips of card that hold it together, something I usually hide when I make model miniatures, used internally for structural reasons. They are also interesting to look at sculpturally. Would adding a front on one side be too much? I need to find out how that would work. Conceptually it ties into creating film sets and the illusion they create, having fronts would completely change my proposed set-up, they could be placed in a row, or in separate spaces.

I did a few sketches for potential fronts which could be fixed to or sit very close to as they wrap around the main piece. For three of them it’s pretty straight forward what I’m going to potentially do. It’s the fourth and latest one still being painted which is causing concern, the front is the view that we have into the model miniature, which could mean I either I have a front and project through the doorway – which ties into the view-finder for Minnie’s Haberdashery. Or I have a side piece which comes from my own thinking. If I went with the side wall, there would be a disconnect between it and the other model miniatures, projecting an image through a doorway leaves most of the model in the dark too. Or the last option is to take out a wall – not sure which as I want to keep the back wall (with the shelves) as the violence happens in that space. It’s a hard decision to make if I choose to go down this route. If I went down this route, it’s more making and painting which is nothing new. I think I need to see how one works before I went any further.