Painting the Town… Update (24/12/17)

I’ve snook in a few hours on Christmas Eve, making a lot of progress too. I began the day by returning to the beam, the shorter beam, which I relented and have now covered thin balsa in hopes of not just covering up the join but also strengthening it. I know it will look larger, however I have no idea how the beam looks in The Great Silence (1968) so I have that on my side. I can’t get away with the same technique on the larger beam, thankfully its more stable. Also when the paint is finally applied it should take some of the attention away from that aspect.

Staying with the paint I am sticking with the acrylic now as I began to paint the tables and the rim of the bar that was added to the first model miniature. Before moving onto prime the extended part of the piece.

Turning then to the saloon front I have made a good start today, having the base and the entrance covered. Being an unconventional design for myself, I have had to raise the platform higher than I usually do, it’s pretty stable too. I took a lot of time ensure that it was going to fit smoothly around the piece, which it does rather snugly. It’s only half the height it will be eventually, with the first floor and roof over the platform yet to be added, that’s before I get to the balsa detail which has to mirror but larger due to the size as it wraps around the piece. I also have to build the coffin, which is a little extra and would definitely connect the piece to Unforgiven (1992). I have decided that the I’ll be returning to my work as early as boxing day at the moment, I’ll see how things go though. I’m happy to see things working for this piece. However I am still struggling to see how I can add a decent front to the most recent model miniature, again something I will possible have to address.


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