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Cowboys Invaded – Update (1/5/18)

As my most recent work is winding down I’ve decided to push my making even further – tunnels. Well that’s part of the reason, as much as I want to see how tunnels would look on a large-scale. Another major reason is to flip the idea that is explored in the film and comic book Cowboys & Aliens, looking at manifest destiny which was the basis for the White Western expansion and forced removal and relocation of Native Americans. Without getting too political in this post, I wanted to further look at how the flip of the coin in both print and film looked at the Aliens belief in their own manifest destiny over the planet, putting the White man on the other side of this ideology. However in both book and film they win the day and the status quos restored, progress is allowed to carry on. I want to see how it would look if the Aliens did win, they were able to communicate for reinforcements who arrived and enslaved human kind.

I’m jumping forward a few years to look at the possibility of a group of White man or Cowboys hiding out in an invade United States, just another section of an invaded planet. I’ve not even thought about that yet, focusing on that role reversal instead. So today I’ve made a start on how things might look physically. I’m learning a new side of my practice again. This time very confined spaces – tunnels. I can already make exterior rocks that can be moved about for animation. However I’ve not made anything on a large-scale or higher detail with this technique.

Today I made a test piece that was the entrance to a tunnel, using as plastic cowboy toy figure again for scale as I hope to use them in the final outcome. I also started working with cardboard tubes to begin with as I flesh out the tunnel, which was completed with strips of card at the base of half a tube. Before really beginning to flesh out the walls and legs, which were later wrapped in brown paper. It worked really well, even taking my time as I wrapped the paper around. The only trouble I have at the moment is working in the tunnel to cover it. I know eventually it would be darkened or blocked off.

Before I left I made a start on a more elaborate piece that was looking at the inside of a tunnel, meaning a roofs needed. I could only make a rough start on the piece, drawing in walls and supporting pieces. I have decided to cut this piece out to be solely the walls on the base. This is where it’s starting to get complicated, the removal of most of the base allows me to construct a ceilingĀ  that can be more effectively worked. I know if I build something intricate it will have to be built in sections to allow me to complete them to a good standard. Sadly I was called away before I could take any photo’s of this piece. I’ll be back in the studio soon enough to hopefully complete the piece and improve on the overlapping of sections that I know will come with time.