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Cowboys Invaded – Update (8/7/18)

After yesterdays day off to watch England’s quarter-final match I have returned to the studio. I hoped to have been writing more today, well I didn’t really, except I have expanded it slightly more, it’s a natural process that I think will often be interrupted with the odd making session which will help inform the writing process.

I picked up where left off, the big reveal which will require a rather complex model miniature set-up which needs some work. I wanted to see how a retro-futuristic fridge on wheels would look. It took me some time to get started really, the heat in the studio was just a few degrees less than outside which had highs of 34 degree’s Celsius. I needed a break before I finally got started on the making process.

I made two test pieces, both using paper cups as starting points. The first was a struggle as I got used to the heat, something I’m not really used to, (or much of the UK). Trying to combine both a cardboard tube and two paper cups, which wasn’t really successful. The base is probable the best part of this one as I had to work on a way connect it to the base and wheels. I’ll probably use that technique for a future pieces.

I was ready to pack up and go, thinking I need to get out for some fresh air. Instead I found myself playing with more cups, 4 this time which I quickly fixed together at alternate points to create a wavy line, now I had to work out a frame-work of how best to connect this one (even more complex than the first) to the base. Strangely I started in the middle, fixing a strip that reaches across the middle, before adding other strips that were connected to a base.

What I noticed from looking at previous train pieces at this scale, was that I could easily remember how to construct the wheels and how much I rely on trimming to hide any joins. I used the trimming also to really add form to the second one which on reflection looks more like a tanker. However on reflecting at the end of the day I like the look of the silhouette that it creates, like a sunken wagon top. I want to keep that whilst also looking at the more traditional freight carriages that would’ve been used to carry life-stock. Also I need to do a few sketches and see what comes out of those, see where the combination of both models meets. I also need to lose the obviousness of the cups which hold it back, whilst maintaining the shape I’ve discovered.