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Cowboys Invaded – Update (9/9/18)

Another really productive day in the studio, I’m really getting stuck into the making process. I began the day producing 3 more lengths of straight train track before making a start on a curved piece. Using my method or carefully drawing out the piece on a sheet of cardboard I have been able to keep the distance between the rails the same. You can really tell the difference in size when they are cut out. I added the sleepers from pre-cut balsa wood. I had to try out how they worked with a train carriage, with the addition of the bogies. Which more or less work, however I feel that the curve is too tight and needs to be loosened up. For a first attempt at this method it’s not bad at all. I can still use a section for straight track.

I then moved on and away from my now much expanded cardboard train-set to return to the pieces I made for the frontier town for Playing with Plastic which are now just in storage. I’m being brutal with them now as I begin to remake them with more substantial cardboard and fleshing them out to be more 3 dimensional than just improvised on VHS boxes. I made a good start today with two pieces, one a stores (which I think is for my Army fort, and a stagecoach depot, using a toy stagecoach for reference. I’ve kept the scale the same, trying to stay true original design of these pieces. I want to keep things as easy as possible so I can move at a good pace as there is a lot to do. I’ll add more detail later on once I have them all. I do however need to make copies of them as burnt out shells, which I’ll use less substantial cardboard for.

I’ve got a long way to go, it will take a few months to produce just one version of them, another will be probably just as long too. In between all of that I’ll be adding a few curved pieces of track to break things up a bit.