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Cowboys Invaded – Update (15/10/18)

Today I’ve made some real progress with the rock formation. Beginning the day by completing the work to flesh out each of the sections and going back around them so they are flush at the bases, I don’t want any gaps.

With that out of the way I finally got the wrapping underway, breaking out some brown paper that I found in a previous jog. I was able to wrap up 3 1/2 pieces before it ran out. (I later found 2 more sheets under my workstation). I moved onto another tone of brown paper on top so that it appears more natural. After finding the extra sheets at the end of the day, I can carry on this look with the next piece.

I noticed as I pieced them all together that the act of wrapping up the sections the overall shape has changed slightly, every change that has been made to these pieces has an effect on the final form. Some sections may need extra work before they are finished. Otherwise I should be able to wrap up the rest of the sections pretty quickly now before moving onto something else on the long making list.