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Cowboys Invaded – Update (18/10/18)

It’s been a really good day in the studio, with its own share of drama. Beginning calmly enough with two gap filling pieces for the rock formation which I now feel is complete allowing me to move back to the list and see what needs making.

I turned to a lift for the gold mine, which I want to work in two ways. One – that can hold a stagecoach and fit down the shaft of the final test piece I made a few months ago. Two – can be used with a mechanism that suggests that it’s traveling down the shaft. I have an idea for this which involves creating a long sheet of brown-paper which will run continuously when manually turned on a piece I’ll construct. I’ll then film the result that will suggest motion. I’m hoping to use the finished carriage – the lift will be used in both pieces so once made I can switch between the two.

Today I’ve made a solid start with one major blip along the way. I believed I had measurements for the basic form, even working out how to add the balsa wood, which I even began fixing into place. With 4 sides of the interior done I thought I was getting somewhere fast. With sometime to spare I made a start on the roof. Feeling pleased with myself I wanted to see the piece on situ – the shaft, only to discover that I had the right dimension, however I had misinterpreted them when I came to add swing doors (which maybe changed) on the wrong sides. Meaning that I had to reduce the size of the piece by 3cm to fit how I now had it. I could have made a fresh piece, but I felt that would be throwing away a days work. Instead after marking up where the cuts where to be made I began to carefully cut a section of that width out of the main body. This was before I had fully worked out how to resolve the issue. Then I turned to my trusted glue gun to re-fix the two separated halves of a once whole piece. I was then left with the clean-up operation. During the cutting process a number of balsa strips had been badly cut into. A lot of pieces on the shorter side had to be replaced completely, running over the join which I knew had to be covered in order to appear natural. This was on the floor and roof that received this treatment. The pieces that I cut and fixed in place created beams and stops in the piece, ultimately more authentic.

The accident with the measurements and drawing up the piece during the initial building ultimately turned out for the best, pushing me to make quick decisions that made a better piece. It still has a long way to go, but from here on out it’s going to be better for sure.