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Cowboys Invaded – Update (4/11/18)

I’ve entered a state of mass production again with the cardboard down that I have returned to over the weekend. I have now got a total of fives pieces under construction. I’ll probably have more soon too.

I began by adding extra detail to the balsa to the church and other buildings. Again I’m limited as to how much for now due to the masking tape holding the pieces in place.

Before making a start on two more pieces, which are at the same point as the first two yesterday, however with a few major differences. First because more of the buildings are exposed I’ve been fitting out more of the framework, which ultimately means more work. I’ve also grown in confidence as to where I make the cuts, having a few jagged holes in walls, not just whole blasted out sections. This way I can reveal more of the framework, and create new viewpoints to work with.

I finished the day by making a start on a 5th piece, which I left at just the cardboard element. I must try to be more daring and remove more of the fronts in future designs too. Also I’m aware that the broken framework has clean edges at the moment, I’ll try to rectify that with my knife, working into them once finished. At one point I will potentially have many pieces on the go at once as they all slowly get brought up to a finished standard, with at least 3-4 days work on each, whilst making a start on 2-3 each time too. It’s a lot of work which with each piece gets better as I go.