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Cowboys Invaded – Update (6/11/18)

I think I’ve reached a point with these pieces that I can’t really start anymore until I know at least one is complete. I’m now at maximum workload before the days over.

I began with adding what I believe are the final bits of balsa to the first two pieces (I’ll be losing count soon), hopefully (in the best possible way) they’ll be at the next stage of distressing next time.

I then moved onto the next two pairs, adding the respective levels of detail to them, slowly becoming more like a ripped frame of a building. This process is going to be very repetitive for me, but as pieces are completed I know the second half of my days in the studio can be dedicated to making more pieces. To get anymore into production now would be crazy, I have to just make and wait.

I finished the day off with a new piece (the last for now) the train station which is almost obliterated by the aliens, leaving very little left for me to work with. In that respect it should be a quicker build so I can move onto the other pieces.

I’m glad I’ve reached this point knowing my limits and working within them. Next time it will be more of the same, which isn’t a bad thing, where cardboard and balsa are concerned.