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Cowboys Invaded – Update (6/5/19)

I really have been working hard this Bank Holiday Monday. I came back home starving, having forced myself to leave the studio after getting into a state of continuous work.

I began the day by correcting the problem I left yesterday in the slaughterhouse, the observation section was lifted and raised before being fixed back onto the roof of the piece. I’m really not sure I can do any more before it becomes just overpowered by extra details.

I then moved onto what I am calling my John Ford Point, which is found in Monument Valley. I have at least one scene that requires a cliff edge for a Native American stand upon looking over the edge. I began by going to images of the location to understand how I could best construct the piece. I settled on a number of cardboard tubes being arranged under a flat piece of cardboard. These tubes were then wrapped around with varying widths of card to build up some form that I could then wrap around tubes. I then began to wrap the brown paper (saved from the old hideout) to create one of my most satisfying pieces that I’ve ever made. I didn’t stop there either, making up some detail on top using off-cuts of cardboard that I began with during the day.

I then moved onto another rocky piece, that I was going to make first but knew I needed to walk before I could run when it came to this piece. So far I made a strong start on the basic structure of the piece, using more tubes to raise the layers up. Part of me doesn’t want it to turn out the entrance to the gold mine after what I’ve done today, maybe it’s how I prepare the structure before wrapping even begins.

Again I’m learning and growing through the making process, I think my John Ford Point is definitely another step-forward in my making and I don’t want to the other pieces to be held back because of it. Am I going to remake a few pieces to get them to this standard or just rework them.