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Cowboys Invaded – Update (15/5/19)

Another short day in the studio, with little time wasted as I’ve made progress on two pieces.

I began the day by making solid progress on the wrapping of the mountain top, which is about 40% covered now. I’ve even worked around some of the cracks that I thought would be difficult to work with. I then took a fellow model makers advice and used some gum-tape to work around the gaps that I had to make those areas easier to wrap around. With the help of the good weather I’ve now got a better framework to get me moving next time.

Whilst the gum-tape was drying I striped back the 1:72 scale gold mine entrance and began to fit it out with strips of cardboard, again at varying lengths to produce what looks more substantial, a lot heavier and resembling a bunch of leather sandals. I’m now at the stage where I can add a little detail before wrapping begins. I’m thinking of replacing the smaller pieces at the bottom to reflect those on my John Ford Point. 

I’m much happier with how both are going and can’t wait to see the 1:32 scale piece get the same treatment. I’m even considering working on the rock-formation adding some layers and wrapping again. I really am learning through making with this piece. It’s a good thing to go back and bring other pieces up to standard. My hopes of beginning test animation are being pushed back but there’s no deadlines so it doesn’t matter. As long as I begin this year I’ll be happy.