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Cowboys Invaded – Update (9/6/19)

My last update before a well deserved break from the studio. After working 3 days straight and a busy week away from the studio I need to stop and reflect, recharge before returning to work on something new from the list.

I did however leave after completing all 8 gun towers, the aim of the day was to just add all the remaining detail that I wanted to add to the pieces. This was/is to suggest that there’s some bulky internal workings that allow these gun towers to operate. I think I’ve achieved that around at the rear and sides of the set of 8 pieces. I stopped with the side plates which increased the overall widths of the pieces.

Looking at them set up with the slaughter-house where they will be used primarily, they suit the function they’re built for. I can see that more are required, sadly I don’t have enough cardboard tubes to add a further 2-4 pieces that I think would complete the scene. On my return to the studio I will look at the remaining 8 pieces that still need to be made up, some will be just extras of what I already have, whilst others will completely new pieces. The end of the making seems to be insight now. I need more cardboard for a few pieces. I may even do some more revisions to the plot, so a 5th draft maybe written. Otherwise I could be painting in a few months.