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Cowboys Invaded – Update (10/11/19)

I’ve eased myself back into the studio today, focusing on the smallest and easiest batch of ruined buildings for the animation at 1:32 scale. Just the two of them today, allowing me to crack on pretty fast with them. The priming and both coats of paint soon when on allowing me to focus on the balsa detail.

Finished just a few hours after lunch I didn’t want to just leave them and just go home for the day. Setting up the next phase of work that I wanted to get stuck into. It’s a little more complicated than just balsa detail now. Having to consider the colour pallet for both scales of each model. I noticed as soon as I had set up the first batch that I had left out the balsa detail on the exterior of one of the models – the saloon/bar in both scales. Working from the 1:72 scale ruin of that piece I was able to add the detail, from the information in the ruin I was able to construct a complete set of posts in both scales.

Sadly I noticed another one as I was about to leave the studio, for now I’ll leave that one out, add the detail and paint up another pair instead. The biggest challenge is considering the colours and the level of detail. I might return to the source material for inspiration. I’m not sure how fast these piece will move through the process right now. I’m taking this batch as a learning curve, with just a method to approach them.