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Cowboys Invaded – Update (11/11/19

There’s been a return of colour in my work today, even investing in some new paint brushes and paint to get things rolling properly. I began the day by working on some detail I missed out yesterday on the barbers in both scales, putting them out of this batch. I pulled out the church instead to get underway. I also added some gum tape over some of the roofs to hide the joins.

Each piece was quickly primed before colour was quickly added. I had previously looked back at the source material for inspiration for the pallet, I found that the style was quite minimal, nothing really stands out in the drawings in the panels where they are included. From this I decided that I wanted to follow this inspiration further, not wanting to draw too much attention to the models, they should sit in the background. So far I have painted the walls of all the buildings in this batch (except the barn), at the moment they are a soft yellow ochre, I might soften them further next time before added contrasting colours to the roofs and other details. Where I have open doors I’m going to simply paint black.

The barn itself which I will do at the end of this batch will have a more classic American red with white detail as a contrast. So far so good for these models, now that I have a plan I can easily replicate for these pieces I should move rather fast through the pieces, not accounting for the extra detail that maybe needed. I can use this style for al the other buildings to ensure that I don’t spend longer than necessary on the painting. I am considering some cheeky distressing at the end of these with some mud at the bases of them all.

Otherwise I’m really, really pleased with the days progress in the studio, now I’ve got a better idea of what I’m going to be working with. The animation tests will more realistically be made during the spring at the earliest now. I’m enjoying the painting progress now I’m in the swing of it, another aspect of model making that I’ve missed for too long.