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Cowboys Invaded – Update (4/1/20)

This current batch of models being painted feels painfully long, I know why so It’s not all as bad as it feels. The mixing of one colour multiple times for multiple models of the same design is where the feelings creeping in. However that feeling is coming to an end after a long day of purely metallic blacks and greys this batch is slowly reaching its completion.

I began the day by finishing the first coat off of the black sections, not realising just how much has to be applied to so many pieces. However with every additional coat that any thing receive the effect paid off with the second coat. Allowing me to move onto the grey tone that was applied to far less of both the spaceships and the fuelling stations. This way I know there’s less to do next time. I can now see that the fuelling stations are more or less complete apart of the detailing, which I hope to apply next time.

Looking ahead I’ll be getting out the blue again as I paint the underside at the bow of the ship, to bring some balance to the pieces. Then I want to added a faded yellow mix above to the windows. Whilst the exhausts at the back will be filled in with a red. Then I will tackle all the detailing bringing this batch to a close. I’ve also decided to add more coats of blue to the gun towers, which look at little washed out in the presence of these pieces with a far darker blue. Batch 7 will then be making it’s way to me, I’m still not decided what I’ll be including along with the two remaining spaceships, maybe the refrigerated wagons to ensure that colour scheme is carried through. Then I’ll be tackling the gold mine pieces, which all vary in size, naturally slowing things down for me then. For now I can say that I’m starting to really see the alien element of the work coming together better than ever before.