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Cowboys Invaded – Update (7/1/20)

Batch six is complete now after a good days work focusing on the bow of the spaceships and the detailing of all the pieces.

I began the day with a nice surprise, mixing yellow ochre with silver paint I accidentally had a gold colour in front of me, which I decided to stay with and see where it went. It took some time to build it up to get a nice finish that I was happy with. I then moved onto the bottom of the bow, which has been left blue now, mixing enough to apply to the gun tower I’ve been using as a reference, meaning that eventually the rest of the pieces will have another more solid coat to bring them in line with the spaceships.

The rest of my time was spent on adding the detail to the batch, taking longer than I’d expected. Bringing some of the lines back from the previous colour scheme through and leaving others behind. Looking at the completed pieces I’m much happier with these and can see them being more effective in the animation.

Looking ahead I’m staying with the aliens as I complete the remaining pieces for batch 7 then it’s onto something more freestyle with the gold mine pieces.