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Cowboys Invaded – Update (12/1/20)

Batch 7 is officially complete, bringing a close to painting of the majority of the models made for this work so far. I began the day by focusing on the remaining colours that needed to be added to the mothership and spaceship. Taking longer than I expected, even with less pieces to work on its the scale of the work that made the difference.

I then turned to the detailing of all the pieces. I had to adapt the detail of the mothership from the previous smaller ships. When it came to the refrigerated wagons I found that I have repeated patterns from the gun towers I painted a few weeks back. It just made sense to repeat that design. Once all the detail was added I turned to any lose parts that developed over the painting process, which I hope have now all been addressed.

Moving on I’ve got the first few gold mine pieces ready to prime and paint next. I know that continuity is going to be important as I’ve got to match up similar pieces, such as the cross-section base with the base I’ve made. It’s going to be an interesting period in the studio.