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Cowboys Invaded – Update (16/1/20)

After my previous session in the studio I though that things would have really slowed down. For about ⅓ of my time today it had to a snails pace as I manoeuvred my way around the gold mine entrance that I left unfinished last time. I found it hard getting my brushes into all the angles. Thankfully I found a set of long handed brushes that really saved the day. Still slow progress, just over two hours were spent on the rest of the first coat of this piece, it would have been longer with the short handed brushes. I came away from that first coat, knowing that the sides that I couldn’t reach at all didn’t matter, not from laziness but because the camera, wherever it’s going to be positioned won’t see the rear of the exposed posts at the front of the tunnel section of this entrance. I shouldn’t get carried away with that. I might be able to get the short hand around the other posts that I couldn’t reach next time.

Going back around for the second coat it felt like time just flew by for me as I worked my way through each of the pieces again before returning to the gold mine entrance once more at greater speed. I think in part with a confidence if using the brushes and how to navigate the spaces with the new tools. Allowing for solid finishes for all of the pieces.

Moving on I’ve got a single piece out for next time, it’s the gold mine base, which has a tunnel section sitting above that I’ve cut into. This will be even more of a challenge for my brushes to reach into a more intricate and more confined spaces. I’m both nervous and excited for what’s going to happen as I bring this piece in line with the others.