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Cowboys Invaded – Update (18/1/20)

I honestly thought that the Gold mine base would take far longer to paint than I originally believed. Beginning as always with the priming of the piece before moving onto the first coat, which itself took a few hours to navigate with my brushes the best way of applying the paint. I think the second coat came with ease as I knew where I was going, working the model miniature. It came together far faster than I really expected. Leaving me with time to work on the false barricades. With these pieces I was limited with where the brush would allow me to reach as I worked on the trays that the balsa sits on top of, to create the illusion of darkness. Hopefully this has been achieved.

A piece that was I forgot to mention last time that was completed was the ranch gate, which had a slightly more red in the colour than it previously had. All it needs now is a finishing touch of a bull skull to be fixed above. I’ve a good idea of how that can be achieved.

Looking ahead I have the most daunting of pieces to paint, the cross-section that will be a challenge in itself. That will probably take the longest to paint. Along with the less challenging external pieces which are repeats of the false barricades and reinserting. Then looking even further ahead as this next piece draws a close to the all the pieces that I’ve made so far. I’ve got a one to remake, expanding on others I’ve already got, one piece needs to be adapted slightly too. The making is nearly at a close now, I can safely say it shouldn’t be much longer until I’ll be testing with green screen and other special effects to see how things work. I also need to draw up a few storyboards for the scenes with spaceships so that I have a good idea of what I’m going to do and how they’ll fit into the sets that I’ve been building for nearly 2 years now.