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Cowboys Invaded – Update (23/1/20)

After a slog of a session last time things really came along today in the studio. At first I avoided the cross-section that really slowed me down before to focus on the other pieces that really suffered as a result. Applying painting to finally bring a nice solid colour that I’m happy with. The false barricades and the mine shaft lift were all coming along nicely before I even started on the cross-section.

I really changed tact today, whilst still working one side at a time I moved the cross-section around to stop me stretching. Even having the my pallet on the work so I could more easily reload my brush. It worked really well as I work from top to bottom and side to side which greater ease. The hard part was definitely over as I saw again it become a nice solid colour. I them moved back to the false barricades to finish them off. Returning again to the cross-section to work on the hut and wheel at the top of the piece. I’ve only painted the sides that will be seen on camera, speeding things up again.

So next time I’ll be getting the cardboard out to make a few more pieces, including a redesign, a few ruins and a modified piece. These shouldn’t take too long to make before I get back to the painting again. The painting has only taken about 2 months to complete. I’m sure it shouldn’t take so long next time. There are some challenges to overcome too, I’m ready for them.