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Cardboard Creatives

Cardboard Creatives Workshops is an extension of my practice, sharing it with young people to inspire them to make artwork using recycled materials and my passion for model miniatures.

There are two tiers to the workshops I can deliver, 7-12 and 13-18 years

Both tiers see these age groups invited to take on the artist and rise to the challenge of doing better than myself. The aim is to encourage them to make work that can sit along side and be proud of what they will have made by the end of the workshop. They will see the potential of working with recycled cardboard, beyond being a material that’s generally reused for more domestic and professional purposes. Alongside cardboard they will be able to use a variety of dry materials to aid them in the construction of of shops, train stations and hospitals or whatever you want, the possibilities are endless.

7-12 years

With a focus mainly on play and imagination children will be able to work, that will form a cardboard version of the location where the workshop is delivered, for example a cardboard Leicester or Nottingham or working to a specific theme that they can respond to. All they need to bring is their imagination. During the workshop I work with each child to inspire, encourage and support them through the making process to ensure they are able to achieve the desired outcome. At the end of the workshop everyone becomes a town planner as we put together their own creations to create a cardboard world that they’ve directly contributed to.


With an increased skill level and ability to use model making tools there’s a more focus to the workshops. More complex models can be constructed, using slide knife, cutting matts and safety rulers to ensure safe practices are encouraged. Cardboard work can be created with far more detail and personal control of material and tools. Allowing them to express themselves creatively and increasing confidence in the use of tools in their own making. During the workshop I would personally work with each student to inspire, encourage and support them through the making process to ensure they are able to achieve the desired outcome. Also with an emphasis on safe use of tools to ensure they can produce their best work in a safe environment.

Workshops can be tailor made to work within the themes that are being explored or to make products to increase levels of understand with material at school.


2 Hours £60

1 Day £120 (+£60 for a prep day for tailored workshops)

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