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Painting the Town… Update (6/1/18)

I have now been working on this piece for nearly 2 years this April, I can’t believe I have spent so much time and energy making this work and it’s still on going. Returning to the studio after the Christmas break I have begun to move all my work back so I can get back into the swing of things again.

Today taking back the most recent piece which was completed over the break. I focused on other pieces, painting them all again. Everything is slowly getting there now. The buttresses on Minnie’s Haberdashery have received their first coat, whilst also discovering that more repair work is still needed on them before I can go onto fully paint them. I don’t think it helps that they are late additions being fixed to painted balsa wood, I scratched into where the buttresses will be fixed to with my knife. Hopefully they will have a better chance of holding now. The new tables have begun to be painted now, it will be a few weeks until they are completed and added to the main piece.

Turning to the furniture the tables for the extended saloon are coming along nicely now, one coat from being completed, whilst I have still to bring that main piece back to work on. It could be completed very soon and retested with the projector again. The stove has now been completed after getting so much paint out I decided to add an extra coat whilst it was there to work with.

The saloon front is also taking shape, along with the coffin which entered the painting phase too today. I’m still not sure how the saloon front idea will turn out, only time will tell. It’s good to be back in the studio, in my natural habitat, making, surrounded by cardboard and all my materials. I’m looking forward to see what the year brings.


Painting the Town… Update (1/1/18)

My first update and posting of 2018. I mean to carry on how I left 2017, very much working on this piece which is after getting the primer out has sped along nicely today. I began by trimming off less of the coffin than I expected to, leaving it to dry again after some minor repairs.

I then turned to painting, adding another coat of acrylic to the two model miniatures I brought home to work on. I feel they have moved slower than usual, or maybe it’s because I have been more involved with them, being so close to me at the moment. I decided to finally complete the most recent piece, opening up the primer to bring the balsa beams in-line with the rest of the piece. Using a smaller than usual brush (for primer) I found I could still achieve what I wanted to, maintaining the accuracy that I require around the wood work. I broke out a larger brush for the saloon front which has now entered the painting stage.

I know I made the right choice to bring these pieces home as I have achieved so much in this time. I can return to the studio, picking up on Minnie’s Haberdashery, painting the buttresses. Whilst also continuing to paint saloon front and bring the extension of the first model to a close. I can start to look at how to project the footage into the most recent piece, even another view-finder that could combine a saloon front, which may leave most of the set redundant, still I can experiment before I settle on the presentation.


Painting the Town… Update (29/12/17)

I’m spending less time in the make-shift studio, yet my output is getting me closer to completion of the two pieces I brought back to work on. Painting of the extension and the balsa beams is getting closer with every coat. I’m tempted to get the primer out for the beams soon, whilst carrying on with the other piece coat-by-coat.

Moving onto the saloon front which saw the addition of the roof and the support beam/strip that allow the beams to be fixed in place. Now onto my grimmest piece – after the gallows I made a few years back. I was thinking about making one when I first started this work, but considered too much detail, and it was on the other side of the model so not really seen. Now that I’m making the front of the saloon I want to add the coffin. It was a quick make, once the basic shape, I added the sides, all needing the sides to be cut at angles to meet one another. It’s all covered in masking tape now so hopefully they’ll hold the piece together. Having it stood up against the window I can see that it will probably need trimming if only a few millimeteres so it is more believable.

I’m happy with the progress I’ve made at home, I always make the most of my time off  – in the studio wherever it may be. I’m sure to get at least another days work in over the weekend.