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Painting the Town… Update (18/9/17)

A day later than I expected to share my studio update, deciding to spend time with my family instead. I have however made a lot of progress though with my latest model miniature. The main element that I wanted to complete was the balustrades on the balcony and stairs. Which went better than expected. It was hard at times, working with such a confined model, which I am starting to regret that now. Still its taking shape and I let those four boxes I placed determine the scale and I have to accept that.

With the balustrades complete I turned to starting the furniture which I will again have to keep loose due to the confined space I’m working in. Due to the design of the set – being Japanese I have made the majority of one wall is fixed together on one piece of card, a doorway, a cabinet and 3 long rows of shelves.

Lastly I noticed during the days working whilst looking through my screenshots, that I had missed a dimension of the model miniature. What I thought was just a more confined area alongside the doorway. In short I need to make a minor extension to one side to allow seats to be installed. I’ve already drawn up where I want to cut into. I’m only adding another section to where it’s needed, I wont be altering the upstairs. It will however changed the exterior of the piece which will be reinforced with what it fast becoming a signature look of these models.


Painting the Town… Update (28/8/17)

A flying visit to the studio today, which was enough time to achieve everything I set out to. I have now painting the beams, whist also replacing the posts in the middle of the model miniature, I found that during the painting process they were coming loose. I believe it’s down to the surface below, which was not as stable. Meaning that fresh pieces had to be cut and fixed in position. Hopefully these should be the last as I am running very low on that type of balsa. Then I should be able to paint the posts and get onto the testing again.

I also replaced and re-pointed one of the posts in the model miniature I exhibited which I found was far smaller than the other one. Hopefully that will improve the look of the model when projecting again. I’ve also started to consider how the second model miniature for the Unforgiven (2013) piece will look. It will possibly be more geometric and multilayered, definitely a challenge I want to take on.

Painting the Town… Update (20/8/17)

I’m now a step closer to trying out my latest test video, the balsa beams and posts are all in place, I just need to wait for them to fix and I can them paint with the primer and away I go.

I have also been applying the last coat of paint to the loose pieces, which allowed me to complete the beaming of the model miniature. With the False walls in place I could complete the beams, just the one allowing for the 4 posts in the middle of the space to be added. I can’t believe how complex this piece is really, from my minimal aesthetic for gestures I have left the exterior world to test myself on a making level. I think I’ve risen to the challenge and ready to take on more.

Painting the Town… Update (18/8/17)

I thought I would be taking a break from posting updates, how wrong was I. Working on the 3rd coat of paint for the cardboard furniture and false walls, I saw that I was moving rather fast. I didn’t want to leave the studio just yet, having taking about 2 hours on today’s coat. I saw the main piece and knew that sooner or later the beams had to be added, the last bit of detail that was required.

Thankfully I have two piece of balsa that are long enough to run the length and width of the piece, which made measuring up the material for cutting run smoothly. The beam structure soon went up, with supporting posts against the walls going up soon after. I was limited by what I could do really once the main body had gone up. I can’t fix in four main posts that would support the beams in the middle of the space. The beams were pretty easy to install, with only the false wall stopping me from completing it. Once the final coat of paint is applied and dried I can completed and wait to paint the beams.

I’m really please with how this is all going and itching to get the text video out and seeing how it all work together. I know the beams will change how the video will fall into the space, but that’s also down to the positioning of the projector. Lastly, one thing I noticed when I was handling the model miniature, with all the beams in place, it felt more secure as an objects, more stable even. I think the beams are actually working as beams.

Painting the Town… Update (10/7/17)

Probably the last update for a few weeks as I enter the painting phase of the model miniature. Looking back at the stills from yesterday I can see how impressive this piece is going to look once it’s finished. I started the day buying s tin of primer to get me started with only limited time in the studio – taking in a film with friends. Leading to the bulk of the model being painted with one coat, minus the ceiling which should be easily coated twice next time in the day.

I hope next time to have two coats of primer in place before getting the standard acrylic paint out to complete the model and fix the ceiling. I couldn’t believe how fast those few hours in the studios went. I know I made the right decision and one I am happy to take again with future models of this scale.

Painting the Town…Update (8/7/17)

A really quick day with one aim, to gut out and remake the bay windows. Last weekend I just wasn’t happy with how it was looking, the butting of balsa, the curvature of the bays. It just looks poor really when I look at the rest of the model. A poor compromise.

So I came back to the studio today, tearing out the bays and making a start on the new pieces that would soon be going in their place. I knew as soon as I removed them it was the right thing to do, more angular and professional looking, in-keeping with the look of the model miniature.

Bay windows gutted ready for something more angular. #workinprogress #cardboard #balsa #modelminiature

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Before moving onto fit everything in place, the three pieces of cardboard that boxed in the windows and the gum tape to seal it off. Adding the detail was pretty straight forward with no real problems beyond getting the length of balsa right.

I’m hoping next time to get a tin of primer next time, getting a coat on the model, I’m not sure how many it will take as its a move for me.

Painting the Town… Update (3/7/17)

The detail is almost there now with this latest model miniature. Again I found working at this increased scale that the process was far easier, I spent just under 4 hours in the studio on Sunday and even less on the model, due to what I could really do pre-painting. I found the hardest part of the making process was the bay windows, due to the curvature of the bays I have placed a supporting piece behind before after a number of wasted pieces later I could fix the front piece that reached across the middle. Maybe next time I will have more breaks in the window. I could even look again the footage next time and amend that part of the model miniature. Even though it’s a small detail it matters to me to have a decent gesture to the set.

Moving onto the stairway which was far easier to pull together. The only downside is the rail at the top, doesn’t need flush to the wall, however its a minor detail, should I apply that thought process to the bay windows? Is the perfectionist in me coming out? The bigger the model is, the more open it is to be looked into, even though it functions in the dark.

Painting the Town Update… (1/7/17)

This model is going really fast in terms of construction. I’m surprised how little balsa that I have actually used today to create the detail. Maybe because what I am doing is just scaling up so I know what I am doing, the detail is pretty simple really too. Ultimately its all coming together. All I have to do now in terms of detail is add the banister on the stairway and the bay window detail which is my only real concern. I see that more as a challenge, I’ll be referring back to the clip to ensure I make it right. When they are complete, I can get the paint back out. I feel at the current rate I should be testing again at the end of the month or early next month.


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