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Cowboys Invaded – Update (16/10/18)

What I thought would take a good few days has only taken two to complete. With half still to do when I came back into the studio. Of course of varying sizes, luckily having some of the first brown paper that was found at the end of yesterday I was able to carry on the language that was made out of making do became a part of the overall look of the work. Using the technique for 3 pieces before I moved onto the final piece that was completely wrapped in the grey toned paper.

Looking at the complete set it just about works. I might add some more of the grey tone across the whole piece. I also need to make up some smaller rocks that will go in front of the gaps I have. Then I can move onto something else on my making list.


Cowboys Invaded – Update (15/10/18)

Today I’ve made some real progress with the rock formation. Beginning the day by completing the work to flesh out each of the sections and going back around them so they are flush at the bases, I don’t want any gaps.

With that out of the way I finally got the wrapping underway, breaking out some brown paper that I found in a previous jog. I was able to wrap up 3 1/2 pieces before it ran out. (I later found 2 more sheets under my workstation). I moved onto another tone of brown paper on top so that it appears more natural. After finding the extra sheets at the end of the day, I can carry on this look with the next piece.

I noticed as I pieced them all together that the act of wrapping up the sections the overall shape has changed slightly, every change that has been made to these pieces has an effect on the final form. Some sections may need extra work before they are finished. Otherwise I should be able to wrap up the rest of the sections pretty quickly now before moving onto something else on the long making list.

Cowboys Invaded – Update (12/10/18)

The focus of the day has been to put in place the framework for the rock formation that I made a good start on last time. Using strips of cardboard at two widths to create more shape and also allow animation to be carried out later on. I’ve made a solid start today, working on 7 out of 8 sections using the strips not also to create more shape, but also to fill in any gaps that are showing when the sections are positioned together.

I’m pleased with the progress, I know I’ve got a long way to go with these and I know that the wrapping process wont be easy. I’m not pushing to get this piece completed just yet as I have no idea how long it takes to wrap one of these sections. Not all sides will be covered up, however some pieces for photography and script purposes will be. I’m looking forward to see how this collection of boxes will be transformed into something more interesting.

Cowboys Invaded – Update (10/10/18)

Today I can finally tick off the upgrades of the town and move onto other aspects of this very ambitious work. I began the day by finishing off the jail/sheriffs office which needed both a jail on one side and the stairs on the other. Pretty straight forward additions that allowed me to move on pretty swiftly.

The final model was in fact a general store, not as I had thought to be a bank. I went for a reduced height whilst adding a raised sign at the front. It was another straight forward make for me. I guess part of me wanted to move onto something else. I’ll be returning to these pieces for more detail but I break’s needed from them.

Moving on to something more ambitious and large-scale – rocks. For the past few months I have been collecting boxes at work for just such a task. Not really knowing how many were really needed. I broke them all out and made a start arranging them on the floor around the tepees which I also arranged to ensure I got a decent shape. Now that was the easy part, just arranging them, keeping that arrangement is another matter. Drawing an outline around the boxes to ensure I knew where to fix them was the plan. Once removed from the arrangement – even when photographed was not always going to do it. I did my best and had to play it by ear at times. I had made 7 piles that wrapped around, I ended up with 8 which was probably better.

It looks almost like the original set-up, however I know I need to added a few pieces to ensure that when I wrap the brown paper that I have no or little gaps when they come together. I also want to add in a few places where the Native American figures can be animated, which means constructing pathways that wont be lost in the wrapping process. it’s all new to me, not so much the wrapping, I’m applying the technique to a whole new approach that has production requirements of a script.