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Cowboys Invaded – Update (6/1/19)

It’s been a very rewarding day in the studio, making my first weekend of 2019 to a brilliant close. Coming back with my sketchbook this time I was reminded of what I missed yesterday, namely the addition of a chimney which became my first piece to add to the ranchers house. It was pretty straight forward to make too.

Allowing me to focus on another low-fi special effect, the lighting of the house. I came to the studio with the idea of using tea-lights which could be positioned behind the windows. Still no other building have this feature, I will have to considering how this and other details are added at a later date. At that moment my focus was about achieving this effect. So I had the light but I needed to loose the fact that these were basically 4 electric tea-lights which are flickering behind the windows. They needed to be diffused somehow, a material that will let light in. Initially I was thinking a plastic material that could be fixed behind the frames, finding a scrap of calico which could act as curtains, which again will be great as it’s going to be a night scene when the set will be used. The effect is pretty good, when animated it will replicate the candle light effect even better.

I then had to consider how to block out the light, now that the lights had been placed on shelves and held in I had to look at how to close the piece off at the rear whilst still giving me access to manipulate. Working from the top, just below the front of the roof (that was added) a piece was fixed, beginning to come around the back. I then added at piece with a large double door that would allow to to open and close without letting too much light in. The sides had be covered as some light was still getting in potentially. The effect is complete now. My only source of doubt is the lower roof at the front, which I’m sure will be reworked before the month is out.

I then moved onto the farmers house, completing the farmer setting, which will be used for only a few scenes at the beginning of the piece. It was a pretty straight-forward construction apart from the porch, which needed a raised step to the entrance. I’m also enjoying making chimneys, they are pretty easy shapes to make up in a short space of time, adding more form to the overall piece I’m making.

With both pieces I’m going to have to make them again in a ruined state, the ranchers house will be fully realised then. After a weekend I have two locations pretty much done (in one state) before moving onto other pieces. I’m next looking to make a 1.72 cross-section of the gold mine before moving onto the fort which will need even more pieces to be made, populating the interior. This whole piece has just exploded over the Christmas period.


Painting the Town… (2018)

Painting the Town explores the origin of the phrase “Painting the Town Red” which has historical roots in the town of Melton Mowbray, one night in 1837, the Marquis of Waterford and his men whilst drunk caused mayhem throughout the town, with a few of the men literally taking brushes with red paint to part of the town. Also inspired by the ending of High Plains Drifter (1973) dir. Clint Eastwood, which sees a violent ghostly figure played by Clint Eastwood manipulate a town into doing his bidding. Ultimately advising them to paint the town red. Taking this as starting point and the newspaper accounts of the violence in Melton, which by today’s standards are exaggerated. Compared with the violence found over in America’s lawless Wild West. Focusing on the violence of the frontier America as depicted in the Western. I have chosen 4 films that have violent scenes. The sets of those scenes have been built into white model miniatures paired with the reaction of violent acts to the victims are projected into. Focusing on the effect of the violence, not the act which is often glamorised in film

Pair One

  • Unforgiven (1992) dir. Clint Eastwood paired opposite the Japanese remake Yurusarezaru mono (2013) Sang-il Lee. Focusing on the final scenes when the build up tension for violence is finally released in a blood bath of guns and swords.

Pair Two

  • The Hateful Eight (2015) dir. Quentin Tarantino paired with a spaghetti Western The Great Silence (1968) dir. Sergio Corbucci both scenes are focused on the innocent parties caught up in the violence created by cowboys and bounty hunters.