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Painting the Town… Update (3-4/2/17)

I was going to post 2 updates this weekend, however I was at the cinema catching Phantom Thread (2017). So I’ll bring you up to date now. I began the weekend by wanting to look at how the presentation of the final piece will look. With a lack of  kit to do this properly I decided to return to a tried and test formula, maquettes, which allow me to look at this on a smaller scale, without the worry of space of setting everything up and hoping that it somehow make sense as I switch from one piece to another. The first day saw me make a start on the first 3 of the 4. Working at a smaller scale I’ve reduced the detail again so I know the piece by a few gestures made in the piece.

I came back today to complete the 3rd and 4th pieces that was still outstanding. I know there are about 1.20 scale so they are all about the same size still, allowing me to understand how they will relate to each other. I’m tempted to even make stand in projectors on tripods – or signifiers. Once they were all complete I added plinths that replicated the heights of the cardboard tables which I’ve been working with so far. I feel that these pieces need there own purpose built plinths, they would also need to work around whats already on the boxes.

I then made a start on a few set-ups to see what works. As much as I want the cross formation I don’t want to limit myself as whats possible. I saw a number that could work. Always having them in pairs I continued to rearrange them. It’s given me a few to consider. I can even take them on the road when the work is installed in a shows so I can see what works too. All I need now is the extra kit to see how the real thing works.

Lastly I have finally finished work on the new tables for Minnies Haberdashery, installing them into an already crowded pieces. I was able to manuveur my glue-gun around, just being mindful of the beams already in place. This brings the piece inline in terms of detail with the other models in the work. I can now just focus on the last hurdle.