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2018 in Review Part 2 – Making in Multiples

If I could take anything away from this last 7 months in the studio it would be that I’ve learned to make pieces multiple times. This is all part of the world building for the animation. The first pieces to be en-masse were a smaller scale flying saucer for at least one scene. It sounds mad to make all that work for the minimum of one scene, however the way things are progressing I might be using more of them throughout the work.

Another big and consuming part was the frontier town. Starting as an upgrade from the VHS boxes I used forย Playing with Plasticย (2018) I wanted something more substantial. Using the sturdier cardboard I began to upgrade them all. It was only a few weeks ago that I was able to finish the first set. Another scene then required the same pieces in a ruined state, which meant far more detail than these loose pieces based on much earlier designs. These new pieces needed more work, first keeping the dimensions exactly the same, before drawing in where the aliens laser beam would have fired. This act reveals the wooden framework of the buildings that had to be realised. The whole process was far more intensive, which I was at first ready to undertake. With enough pieces to keep me going for a few days/weeks as they needed detail adding every so often before being completed (except for painting). Currently I now have one piece left to make, more will be made in the new year for a different set/location. The process soon became repetitive and got me down, I needed to break away from them but I realised that’s not something I wanted to do, I pushed and now have two (almost complete) towns.

What I can take away from this is that not every aspect of the making process can be enjoyed. However I have proven to myself that I can stick to a design and replicate. My making skills regarding the ruined pieces has improved, they still need some work on them to distress them further, which I’ll carry out when later on.