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Cowboys Invaded – Update (5/5/19)

It’s been a busy week outside of the studio, I’m just glad of the break to finally have sometime to concentrate on some making and be able to actually move on from one piece to another.

Today I’ve finally been able to complete the final 2 additions for the cardboard fleet of spaceships. When I had some spare time over the last week I’ve been slowly completing them. Whilst also feeling it was pointless to post until they were done. I’m really tiring of the repetition now.

Thankfully that has come to an end for now as I moved onto and back to the slaughterhouse, which is undergoing a certain degree of redesign. When I was sketching ideas for the new spaceships I kept aside one for a watchtower, which has now been constructed and fixed over the entrance. I didn’t stop there, still playing with the paper plates and even cups to see what I can do. One of those experiments was half a plate being fixed to the front. The rear of the piece has begun to take shape again with a sunken observation section, which I am already thinking of raising to make sense next to the watchtower.

Otherwise I think it’s almost there again, allowing me to then move onto something new on the list. There’s at least one more set of complicated pieces to make before it’s more of the paper based pieces.

Cowboys Invaded – Update (28/4/19)

A whole weekend dedicated to the multiple production of 3 spaceships, in hoping to then have enough to suggest an invading force. Things went pretty smoothly today in the studio, monotonous but smoothly. Completing them in about 4 hours I can now see that 2 more are needed before I can leave these alone and move onto something else. It’s not the result I was really after. Ultimately it’s about the visual I am going for and that’s more important than anything.

After another 2 pieces have been made I’m hoping to make a return to all things rocky for a cliff edge and some buttes. These should be faster makes compared to the past few makes I’m been working on. I say that now, it could be another challenge entirely. On a positive note these spaceships are far better than the flying saucers which can now be seen as starting point for something far more interesting to come.

Cowboys Invaded – Update (27/4/19)

This update should really be covering the last few days in the studio, dating back to the open studios, when honestly I couldn’t really do too much because I was chatting with the public. This past week or so has been interesting as I am starting to pursue a more creative path away from office temp jobs. In the meantime I still need to be working in the office when the opportunity arises. During the past few weeks I have been working more than usual in the studio, which explains the extra posts, or sometimes absence as I’ve found it difficult to except that a change was needed. Other times I was just too busy to post or work in the studio, which is totally fine, we all have busy periods that take us away from what we want to do and love.

So the past week in the studio has finally see me complete the 1:72 scale ruined town, that was a real relief to know that all of that making was over. I’ve realised that I prefer making one-offs, to not repeat myself unless really necessary. And that’s what this piece requires a lot of, repetition in order to make it happen. It has seen my work and making improve also so again I can’t complain too much.

Having finished the smaller town I’ve been able to concentrate of the smaller spaceship which I completed on Friday, having taken elements from the larger piece (which may need further structural attention soon) and adapting to a smaller model. It was a matter of playing around and seeing what works.

So today I’ve made a start on 3 new spaceships, that are replicas of the first smaller ship. Working on all 3 at the same time, that way I can make sure the standard is maintained throughout. By the end of today I’ve got the main body in place, ready for the wings and everything that hangs from them to follow. It’s pretty straightforward, I just need to pay attention to the measurements so I can be as close as possible to the original. Looking at the documentation I can see that they maybe enough, maybe 2 more pieces before I stop work on these and move on. They reflect a more sophisticated skills that I’ve developed and have become more aggressive too. I just need to see how many is too many.

2018 in Review Part 2 – Making in Multiples

If I could take anything away from this last 7 months in the studio it would be that I’ve learned to make pieces multiple times. This is all part of the world building for the animation. The first pieces to be en-masse were a smaller scale flying saucer for at least one scene. It sounds mad to make all that work for the minimum of one scene, however the way things are progressing I might be using more of them throughout the work.

Another big and consuming part was the frontier town. Starting as an upgrade from the VHS boxes I used for Playing with Plastic (2018) I wanted something more substantial. Using the sturdier cardboard I began to upgrade them all. It was only a few weeks ago that I was able to finish the first set. Another scene then required the same pieces in a ruined state, which meant far more detail than these loose pieces based on much earlier designs. These new pieces needed more work, first keeping the dimensions exactly the same, before drawing in where the aliens laser beam would have fired. This act reveals the wooden framework of the buildings that had to be realised. The whole process was far more intensive, which I was at first ready to undertake. With enough pieces to keep me going for a few days/weeks as they needed detail adding every so often before being completed (except for painting). Currently I now have one piece left to make, more will be made in the new year for a different set/location. The process soon became repetitive and got me down, I needed to break away from them but I realised that’s not something I wanted to do, I pushed and now have two (almost complete) towns.

What I can take away from this is that not every aspect of the making process can be enjoyed. However I have proven to myself that I can stick to a design and replicate. My making skills regarding the ruined pieces has improved, they still need some work on them to distress them further, which I’ll carry out when later on.