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Painting the Town… Update (28/5/17)

I’ve been working from home, making the most of the sunshine, whilst working on a more violent test video – the Japanese remake of Unforgiven (1992) – Yurusarezaru Mono (2013) which is just over twice as long as the last test video. Both being the same scene I could see how they are basically the same in terms of structure yet the later one is far more violent. Maybe that is due to use of samurai swords which are more dangerous, in terms of the damage they can cause. Ultimately both the sword and gun both can and do induce fatal injuries. Cinematically they are very different visually in terms of impact creating different reactions when they have been used to inflict pain.

Looking at the most recent test video the slower rate I stretch the broken clips to I could see the impact was starting to be lost. I think at 15% you lose real impact, which applies to both, moving into self parody of the actors in the scene making the most of their death scene.

Once I play both videos I’ll know how they look and play out, the timings will show what is more effective when projected. The juxtaposition of the Japanese remake will prove interesting, as I bring the scene and it’s violence to the original setting – the Wild West. I could be moving away from Westerns to look at Samurai films. I also want to see how this same technique – if successful works on a larger model which I’ve mentioned previously¬† – Minnie Haberdashery in The Hateful Eight (2015) which sees countless innocent people being killed and more violently.

Painting the Town… Update (22/3/17)

After the events today outside the Palaces of Westminster I realised that my current work being discussed today maybe a little out of taste. However if we give into the terrorists, they have won. I want to explore the effects of violence in the Western genre, the human impact, which I feel I am getting closer to with this 2nd test from the weekend. I am sharing with you still as I won’t be scared off either.

Again there is no audio, I feel the images alone are more effective in this test. Below you can find the original test video to make more sense of what I am projecting.

The next test video’s I’ll be sharing was a combination of the two, working together, or even against each other on the same set-up of model miniatures.