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Painting the Town… Update (16/8/17)

Today I’ve been away from the studio, however I felt the need fill that time with the next test video that will ultimately speed up working on the next test. Taking found footage from The Hateful Eight (2015) I was able to go through the same process of editing away to find the moments when the victim is reacting to the violence. Some of those moments were too fast to really work with, that’s even when I started to slow them down.

I in the previous test I had previously chosen to slow them to 25%, which I settled with. However this time around I had to go even slower to have the same effect – 15% which allows the reactions to stay on-screen and have some effect. I left in a spectators reaction, which I was unsure about initially. I feel it’s important to keep as it shows how others perceive/experience it. Obviously there is no set rule when it comes to slowing down footage in this manner, every piece is different so I must see how footage looks when I manipulate it.

I’m hoping to add another coat of paint to the model miniature soon which is gradually becoming whiter as time goes by. Then when all the pieces are completed I can work on installing the beams that run the length of the piece, then it’s more painting, but nowhere near as much/long.