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Painting the Town… Update (30/7/17)

It’s been an interesting day, one where I have made progress in terms of how this piece should be presented. After setting the work up on the floor (where I usually work for tests) ready to test I felt that as much as the image had greater impact at this new scale, the angle the projector was at was letting it down. I had to raise it up. Finding a bench I sat the saloon model miniature on top and switched to a different tripod that allowed me to see how it looked from a more conventional position. This worked to a point as I was still having positioning difficulties. I considered a possible extension or a trimming around the edges of the piece, however I found the idea could lead to distracting features, the piece is not sitting in a wall. I want it to be bare, revealing how the model was constructed. This lead me to adjust the tripod further and re-positioning the projector so that it projected down into the piece.

Looking at how the video projects, it sits more comfortably into the model miniature, than straight on. It does bleed slightly, however its not that noticeable when the action is going on. The video documentation gives me indications that I am starting to work out how to present the work. The work – the video content could be edited so it’s mixed up more. The model. I want to see how Minnie Haberdashery will work now. Leaving this piece behind to see how a larger setting would work. I’ll be going back to the drawing board to see what the Haberdashery looks like and how I can make it in my simple style.